At this website we are growing children into scientists. As children grow and develop, their ideas about science, their interests, their abilities, and their needs change. With that in mind, we have designed blueprints for science-themed activities organized both by topic and by age/developmental level. These are meant to be jumping off points or starters for your child’s own investigations. The activities relate between levels so that you can develop lessons for multi-aged groups.

We have also tried to create activities that are fun and engage the child’s interest. We recommend that you allow the child to lead as much as possible, and give plenty of time for free exploration. Many times a child may have a question in mind that you don’t even realize. Open-ended science activities allow them to make important discoveries that show the way to increased understanding of their world. Finally, instead of answering every question a child has about science, occasionally ask right back, “What do you think?” You’ll be surprised. 

Be sure to visit the Growing with Science Blog, especially the experiment list.

Science flourishes best when it uses freely all the tools at hand, unconstrained by preconceived notions of what science ought to be. ~ Freeman Dyson, in The Scientist as Rebel

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